Street Creeper

FYG06 is 203/250 in the mainline set, 3/10 in the Rod Squad series, and part of the 2019 Super Treasure Hunt set. It is Spectraflame black with spiderweb details and blue stripes.

Large Hot Wheels logos decorate the top and sides and “TH” can be found on the roof. The car has a gold chrome interior, blue tinted windows, 5-spoke Real Rider wheels, and a red plastic Malaysia base.

This vehicle can be found in mix “L” of 2019 Hot Wheels mainline cases.

The Street Creeper made its debut in the 2012 New Models series. From the New Models card: “Made for roaring downtown low to the street – its webbed pipes breathing fire – dark alleys and foggy streets are no match for this scary speedster.”

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