’73 Volvo 142 GL

HCK20 is 0/5 in the AutoStrasse set in the 2022 Car Culture series. The chase car is black decorated with silver accents and authentic logos. “73 HW 142” is on the personalized license plate.

Features include headlight and taillight details, tinted windows, a black interior, and a black metal base. The Real Rider wheels have black 6-spoke modern rims.

The 2022 AutoStrasse set is the Hot Wheels debut of the ’73 Volvo 142 GL. The Volvo 142 is part of the Volvo 140 series which was produced from 1966 to 1974.

The 142 is a 2-door sedan, 144 is a 4-door sedan, and 145 is a station wagon. Over a million Volvo 140s were built.

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