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Baja Beetle

11/12 from the 2010 Treasure Hunt series. The yellow Beetle with a flat black top is embellished with “TH” on the sides…

Baja Beetle

11/12 from the 2010 Super Treasure Hunt series. The boasts olive green Spectraflame paint with the Hot Wheels logo and “TH” on…

Volkswagen Beetle

1/10 of the Heat Fleet ’12 series and part of the 2012 Secret Treasure Hunt set. The blue Beetle sports orange &…

Volkswagen Beetle

26/250 is part of the HW City series and the 2015 Treasure Hunt set. The pink car is embellished with orange, yellow,…

Volkswagen New Beetle Cup

5/12 from the 2006 Treasure Hunt series. The white and blue Beetle features “TH”, “06”, and blue and orange graphics on the…

VW Bug

5/12 from the 1995 Treasure Hunt series. The Bug has fluorescent green paint and a red and white Hot Wheels license plate….

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