’88 Honda CR-X

GHG16 is part of the 2020 Super Treasure Hunt set, 123/250 in the mainline set, and 5/5 in the Honda series. It is Spectraflame white with orange and black stripes and graphics.

“25TH”, “20”, the Hot Wheels logo, and the Honda logo detail the sides. “CRX” and the Honda logo are on the back. The car has tinted windows, a beige interior, Real Rider wheels, and a white plastic Malaysia base.

This vehicle can be found in mix “E” of 2020 Hot Wheels mainline cases.

The ’88 Honda CR-X made its debut in the 2019 Nightburnerz series. It is based upon the second generation CRX that was available from 1988 to 1991.

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